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IAGP engagement with stakeholders


A stakeholder is "a person or an organisation

that has a legitimate interest in a project

or entity, or would be affected by a particular

action or policy"

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2007)


An integral aspect of IAGP’s research is its engagement with key stakeholders, specifically policy-makers. IAGP are keen to elicit and include the views of stakeholders from a broad range of fields beyond academia, including the public and private sectors and the NGO community.

IAGP’s primary aim is to establish a lasting framework that can evaluate the effectiveness and side-effects of a broad range of geoengineering proposals and so enable informed and effective decision-making by policy-makers. Scoping and defining the criteria to be used in this evaluation has formed the central component of the dialogue with stakeholders. Also considered are the broad themes connected with managing risk and communicating uncertainty. IAGP research is looking at geoengineering ideas that involve the reflection of sunlight back to space (solar radiation management), schemes to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store it for a long time (carbon dioxide removal) and the combined application of these proposals. 

Dr Nem Vaughan

First workshop, May 2011 - How should geoengineering technologies be assessed?

The first IAGP workshop for stakeholders was held at the Royal Academy of Engineering in May 2011. Led by Dr Nem Vaughan from the University of East Anglia the guiding theme of the workshop was to engage with a broad range of perspectives and working with stakeholders to scope out the many and diverse values and views regarding the assessment of geoengineering. Specifically this first workshop focused on the generation of a broad range of ideas for criteria by which geoengineering technologies could be assessed as well as drawing up a list of questions for climate modellers (to provide information for some of the criteria). 

Second workshop, May 2012 - Using climate modelling to assess geoengineering proposals

A second stakeholder workshop was held in May 2012 to which participants of the earlier workshop were invited. The aims of this second event were to discuss, amend and refine the questions for the climate modellers raised at the previous workshop and to develop a set of ideas and examples for improving the representation of IAGP's climate model output to non-academic audiences, particularly addressing the critical issues of uncertainty and simulation assumptions.

Both the first and second workshops led to very interesting and important discussions about the utility of climate modelling to contribute to some of the issues surrounding geoengineering. These discussions put the the modelling component of the project into context, highlighted the importance of transparency when communicating to a wider audience and engaged with the issues of what information is valuable to decision-makers. These important debates and discussions will be incorporated into the IAGP project output, exemplifying the vital contribution made by stakeholders to the thinking and development of IAGP's research. It is hoped that engagement with the stakeholders will continue throughout the lifetime of the project.

Read the stakeholder e-newsletter, from October 2011:

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