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A Comparison of Temperature and Precipitation Responses to Different Earth Radiation Management Geoengineering Schemes

In this latest study, published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, IAGP researchers Julia Crook and Lawrence Jackson consider how effective different Earth radiation management schemes are at counteracting global warming.

Not enough time for geoengineering to work?

Despite consensus among scientists and global leaders on what has to happen to arrest climate change, agreement on how to bring about the required change remains elusive. This lack of action is making more people look towards geoengineering to provide a solution.

Nature article: Forcing, feedback and internal variability in global temperature trends

Rather than the increase in Global-Mean Surface Temperature (GMST) simulated by climate models, recent observations suggest a warming hiatus.

Could we Restore Arctic Sea Ice with Geoengineering?

In a paper just published in Geophysical Research LettersIAGP researchers perform a novel simulation where we see if it is possible to restore Arctic sea-ice using stratospheric aerosol injected by planes flying out of Svalbard. We treat a single model run as the real world and examine practical decision making under imperfect observations and incomplete understanding of climate response. We found quantifying climate side effects problematic.

IAGP presents major research findings at AGU December 2014

IAGP researchers presented on a number of geoengineering topics at AGU 2014.

Julia Crook gave a poster presention on Geoengineering Using Oceanic Microbubbles, see BBC news article on the team's research. 

Dissemination Conference at Royal Society 26 November 2014 - Geoengineering Research: Where Next?

On 26th November 2014, the 3 UK geoengineering research projects, IAGP, SPICE and CGG, held a joint event, Geoengineering Research: Where Next?, at The Royal Society in London to disseminate their research findings. 

Will geoengineering make people give up cutting their carbon footprint?

'Wealthier people are more susceptible to the trap of saying they won’t take action on emissions when they know engineering the planet’s climate is a possibility.'

Adam Corner comments in the Guardian on his latest paper published in the Royal Philosophical Transactions A.

"As far as climate mitigation goes, it doesn't have to be either/or"

Prof Piers Forster comments on a new study that states that "as far as climate change goes, the gas that truly matters is carbon dioxide". Read his comments in this 'Scientific American' article.

Nem Vaughan's Geoengineering Explainer in The Guardian

IAGP's Nem Vaughan provides an 'explainer' to geoengineering in The Guardian in this new article.

New briefing! Views about geoengineering: Key findings from public discussion groups

We're launching a new briefing that outlines the key findings our from public discussion groups. This briefing was written by Adam Corner, and draws on the findings of our team of researchers, based on work that has been carried out since the start of our project. This briefing can be found here.

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