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IAGP research is centred around five inter-linked programmes:

Members of IAGP are also engaged in a number of formal and informal research collaborations with UK and international organisations and research groups:

European Trans-disciplinary Assessment of Climate Engineering (EU TRACE)

Nem Vaughan, UEA and Jim Haywood, Exeter are part of a new European project (EU TRACE) on assessing climate engineering, another name for geoengineering.  This new project seeks to draw together European expertise on the physical and social science issues surrounding geoengineering and include dialogue with European publics and stakeholders. The EU TRACE project is led by the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Science (IASS) in Potsdam, Germany, and brings together climate engineering experts from 14 world-class institutions across 6 European countries (Austria, England, France, Germany, Norway and Scotland).


Risk Perception & Social Response Research Group at the Centre for Nanotechnologies (CNS) in Society, University of Santa-Barbara, California

Nick Pidgeon from Cardiff is Co-Leader of this international research collaboration. As a major centre for the study of emerging technologies, CNS at Santa Barbara provides an important link between IAGP and risk perception researchers studying nanotechnologies. A collaborative international survey of public attitudes to nano and geo is planned for 2013, using funding from CNS.


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