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May 2012

IPCC experts discuss geoengineering - Meeting report now available

The report from the latest IPCC Working Group meeting is now available. 

IAGP team engages with the public on the subject of geoengineering

The reason that IAGP is an ‘integrated’ assessment of geoengineering proposals is that it includes many different inputs, and one of the key components of the IAGP programme is public engagement. Throughout the spring of 2012 IAGP held a series of ‘deliberative workshops’ with members of the public in four different locations around the UK.  Read more

Using climate modelling to assess geoengineering proposals - IAGP Stakeholder Workshop May 2012

On 9th May at The Royal Society in London IAGP hosted a workshop for stakeholders that looked at Using Climate Modelling to assess Geoengineering Proposals. This workshop formed the second part of IAGP's stakeholder engagement and followed on from the initial workshops held in May 2011. 

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