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October 2012

IAGP article is first to review geoengineering appraisals

Rob Bellamy, Jason Chilvers, Naomi Vaughan and Tim Lenton have a new paper published in WIREs Climate Change. The article is the first to review appraisals of deliberate large-scale interventions in the Earth's climate system designed to moderate anthropogenic climate change.

IAGP researcher responds to 100 tonnes of iron sulphate dumped into Pacific Ocean

Profitable climate fixes are too tempting for rogue geoengineers to resist In his latest Guardian article IAGP researcher, Adam Corner, responds to the recent dumping of iron sulphate into the Pacific Ocean off the west coast of Canada by an American businessman, "It was only a matter of time before somebody broke the fragile social and political consensus surrounding geoengineering had a first crack at 'experiment Earth'."

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