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June 2013

Earth cooling proposals are no silver bullet....

Deployment timescales for geoengineering technologies are “optimistic”, and larger trials are inevitable if governments are serious about exploring their potential says IAGP Principal Investigator, Piers Forster in a recent RTCC article.

Adam Corner - A New Conversation with Conservatives About Climate Change

IAGP Research Fellow, Adam Corner, presents at this year's AGU Chapman Conference in Granby, Colorado, USA. Adam's talk, "A New Conversation with Conservatives About Climate Change: Values Frames & Narratives" will be streamed live from the conference website on  Weds 12 June,  1:00 pm-1:20 pm (8.00pm-8.20pm BST) AGU Chapman Conference: Communication Climate Science: A historic look to the future Sign up to join Adam's live session.

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