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July 2013

Slowdown in global surface temperature rise

This week the Science Media Centre, London, convened a press briefing to look at why global surface temperature averages have not risen in the last 10-15 years. An accompanying briefing note was published. In front of a team of journalists five senior climate scientists addressed questions such as: Have climate models failed to predict a fundamental shift in the warming trend?  Is this an important change that climate science must account for, or just a short-term irrelevance?  What are the other indicators of a warming world showing us? Media coverage from the event: The BBC; The Independent; The Telegraph; The mail online

Messing with nature? Exploring public perceptions of geoengineering in the UK

New open access, IAGP article published in Global Environmental Change Messing with nature? Exploring public perceptions of geoengineering in the UK Authors: Adam Corner, Karen Parkhill, Nick Pidgeon, Naomi E. Vaughan This paper provides "the first in-depth examination of public views about how geoengineering technologies relate to nature, exploring the reasons why 'messing with nature' is such a powerful narrative in public perceptions of geoengineering..." Led by IAGP teams at Cardiff and UEA four 'deliberative workshops' were convened in UK cities, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow and Norwich  at which members of the public discussed geoengineering and its social and ethical implications. The paper reflects on the views put forward and on the implications for how society relates to nature. 

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