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Dr Maia Galarraga
Maia Galarraga is a Postdoctoral Researcher within the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University. A philosopher by background her research interests range from environmental philosophy to the philosophy of technology and continental philosophy. Her PhD thesis (from Lancaster University) sought to develop an ontological account of philosophy of technology drawing on the thought of M. Heidegger and C. Castoriadis. Her research interest in climate engineering has enabled her to combine an interest in the environment with a curiosity for technology. Together with a team of other social science and humanities scholars based at Lancaster she is currently working on a collaborative project (‘Imagination and Innovation in Climate Science’). Combining empirical research tools, with her philosophical background, will enable Maia and her Lancaster colleagues to unearth the range of non-technical and heterogeneous assumptions that drive IAGP’s research.
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