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Dr Oliver Boucher
Olivier Boucher leads the Climate, Chemistry and Ecosystems team at the Met Office Hadley Centre. His research is about Earth System modelling with a focus on biogeochemical feedbacks in the climate system and their relevance to climate mitigation policies. His research interests include climate change, aerosol-radiation-cloud interactions, atmosphere-biosphere couplings and biogeochemical feedbacks in the Earth System, impact of irrigation on climate, impact of aviation on climate, climate mitigation policies, climate metrics, and geoengineering. He has been involved as an author with several past international reports on climate change including the IPCC Special Report on Aviation and the Global Atmosphere (1999), the IPCC Third Assessment Report (2001) and the 2002 WMO report on ozone. He is a Coordinating Lead Author of the 'Cloud and Aerosol' chapter of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report.
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